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Frederiksted Supreme Court Roof Repair & Replacement

St. Croix

J. Benton Construction successfully completed the comprehensive roof replacement for the Supreme Court. This project involved a series of meticulous upgrades to enhance the building’s structural integrity and functionality. Initially, we stripped the metal and existing purlins off the roof and changed the location of two HVAC units to optimize space and efficiency.

A key feature of the renovation was the addition of a bell eave to the front hip roof and the adjustment of the pitch on the flat roof for improved drainage. We added a layer of ½” plywood over the entire roof surface, followed by new purlins and 1 ½” insulation, before installing a new aluminum roofing system. To further enhance the building’s exterior, we added an awning over the steps and installed new gutters and downspouts to ensure proper water management. This project underscores our commitment to quality and precision in every detail.

Delivery Method

General Contractor


> $1 Million


Taller Larjas, LLC

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